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Visual brand toolkits built around magical archetypes — specially curated for witches in business.

Tired of scrolling through the same generic “witch” template packs on Etsy every season, but can’t afford something custom?

Digging for hours to find assets that look clean, professional, usable, and NOT #girlboss aesthetic?

Have you just given up and settled for choosing a random new font on a black background when you need to post a quote on IG?

There has to be a better way than crossing your fingers that Canva’s next template drop will be even slightly more stimulating than usual.

Let alone the fact that finding anything that “looks witchy” — that actually HAS magic behind it — is nearly impossible.

Trust me... I’m just as sick of seeing the same recycled witchstagram looks as you are ︎

This is deeper than an asset subscription, trend report, or any other “industry standard” brand training.

This is mixing design with magic for real results.

You'll learn archetypes with real cultural power and impact (that your audience already recognizes subconsciously)...

...and how to incorporate them into your brand so you can support your unique business and values with intention.

These archetypal toolkits are not pre-made assets or templates, to be copied and used as-is — you're getting the keys to translating your own values into your own unique, authentic, magical visual brand.

You can get templates anywhere — but in DEPTHS you will learn to discern how to use them to your greatest benefit.